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GuardianTrack Mini – Smart GPS Bluetooth Tracker

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  • Description

    GuardianTrack Mini – Smart GPS Bluetooth Tracker





    Introducing the GuardianTrack Mini – your trusty companion to keep your valuables safe and secure. This smart key tracker is designed to prevent loss and ensure peace of mind, making it an indispensable tool for your everyday life.


    Features & Details:


    1. Anti-Theft Guardian: The GuardianTrack Mini acts as your vigilant sentinel. Connect it to your app, and if ever disconnected, it promptly alerts you. Perfect for travel and ensuring nothing gets left behind.
    2. Portable & Effortless: With its compact design, it effortlessly fits into your wallet, attaches to your keys, or finds its place beside your phone. Enjoy convenience wherever you go.
    3. Extended Battery Life: Powered by a CR2032 battery, it boasts a standby time of over 10 months. When it’s time for a change, it’s a breeze to replace. Plus, its sleek design adds an element of style to your belongings.
    4. Track What Matters: Use this versatile tracker for items you frequently misplace. Attach it to luggage, wallets, keys, or even your beloved pets. If something goes missing, a quick double-tap on the app will lead you right to it.
    5. Universal Compatibility: Compatible with iOS and Android 4.3 or later (Bluetooth 4.0 required), this tracker ensures seamless integration with your device. Download the “iSearching” app from your preferred app store or scan the QR code provided in the manual.




    • Size: 38mm x 38mm x 7mm
    • Material: ABS


    Elevate your peace of mind with the GuardianTrack Mini. Compact, powerful, and stylish, it’s your personal sentinel against loss and misplacement. Get yours today and safeguard what matters most.



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