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Ultimate Pet Grooming Duo: Shedding Hair Remover and Relaxing Massage Comb

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  • Description

    Product Material: Crafted from durable ABS with high-quality steel needles

    Packaging: Presented in an easy-to-open single paper card blister

    Product Specifications: Needle length: 2.5cm, Dimensions: 23156.3cm

    Product Weight: A comfortable 122g that’s easy on your hand


    Discover the Features that Make Our Grooming Tool a Must-Have:


    • 1. Extended Steel Needle: Experience the difference with our high-quality 304 stainless steel long needle. It’s designed to reach deeper and ensure thorough grooming.


    • 2. Painless Perfection: Say goodbye to tangles and discomfort. Our tool glides through fur with ease, leaving it not only tangle-free but also beautifully voluminous.


    • 3. Precision Curved Design: A unique 120° curved angle adds to the toughness of our lengthened steel needle. Rest assured, it won’t deform, shed, or harm your pet’s skin. Plus, no more flying hairs – just a flawless grooming outcome.


    • 4. Premium Comfort: The high-quality ABS material forms a non-slip handle that guarantees a comfortable grip. Say goodbye to hand and wrist fatigue as you effortlessly groom your pet to perfection.


    • 5. Versatile Wonder: Perfect for hard hair, long thick hair, and medium to large dog breeds – our grooming tool is versatile enough to handle them all.


    Elevate your pet’s grooming routine to a new level of comfort and efficiency. With our grooming tool, both you and your beloved furry friend will enjoy a pampering experience like never before!


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