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Purrfect Playtime Bundle

From $8.99
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  • Description

    Purrfect Playtime Bundle



    Specifications and Features:


    Ultimate Catnip Wonderland


    • Engage your feline friend with this premium catnip-infused toy.
    • Made with high-quality, durable materials for long-lasting play.
    • Encourages natural hunting and stalking instincts.


    Luxury Catnap Haven


    • Plush, ultra-soft fabric for maximum comfort and relaxation.
    • Generously filled with hypoallergenic, premium polyfill.
    • Machine-washable cover for easy care and maintenance.


    Interactive Feather Teaser


    • Entertain and bond with your cat through interactive play.
    • Vibrant, natural feathers stimulate your cat’s senses.
    • Flexible wand for dynamic and unpredictable movements.


    Elevate Playtime with the Catty Cube


    • Versatile, multi-functional design for endless entertainment.
    • Hide treats or small toys inside for added excitement.
    • Compact, foldable, and easy to store when not in use.


    Three-in-One Cat Condo


    • Durable, scratch-resistant material for hours of play.
    • Provides a cozy hideaway, scratching surface, and play area all in one.
    • Satisfies your cat’s natural urge to climb and explore.


    Complimentary Catnip Refill Pack


    • Keep the fun going with a replenishment of premium catnip.
    • Organic, high-potency catnip for maximum enjoyment.
    • Specially sealed for freshness and potency.


    Exclusive Cat Pillow


    • Luxurious, soft fabric that pampers your cat during rest time.
    • Extra-large size for cats of all shapes and sizes.
    • A stylish addition to your home décor while keeping your cat comfy.


    Premium Playtime Value


    • Buy any 3 items and enjoy a generous 20% discount.
    • Buy any 10 items and unlock a fantastic 30% discount.
    • Mix and match to create the ultimate playtime paradise for your cat.


    Upgrade your cat’s playtime experience with the Purrfect Playtime Bundle. Indulge them with a selection of premium toys and accessories designed for endless fun and comfort. Plus, with our special discount offers, you can spoil your furry friend without breaking the bank!






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