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CleanPaws Pro – Advanced Automatic Cat Litter Box

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    CleanPaws Pro – Advanced Automatic Cat Litter Box



    Key Features:


    1. Effortless Maintenance: The CleanPaws Pro takes the hassle out of cat litter duty. It’s fully automated, ensuring a fresh and clean environment for your feline companion.
    2. Smart Deodorant Technology: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors. Our advanced deodorizing system keeps your home smelling fresh and welcoming.
    3. Anti-Sand Design: Innovative engineering keeps litter inside, reducing mess and making cleanup a breeze.
    4. Spacious and Secure: With ample room for movement, your cat will feel comfortable and secure in their private oasis.
    5. Tailored for Your Cat: Suitable for cats over 3 months old and under 16 pounds, the CleanPaws Pro is designed with your cat’s comfort and well-being in mind.
    6. Easy-to-Replace Container: When it’s time for a change, the waste container is easily accessible and disposable, making cleanup a cinch.




    • Applicable Cat Age: 3+ months
    • Applicable Cat Weight: Up to 16 pounds
    • Container Volume: 8 liters
    • Machine Size: 520 x 540 x 680mm
    • Barrel Size: 455 x 450mm
    • Door Size: 220mm
    • Use Height in the Barrel: 385mm
    • Rated Voltage: DC 12V 2A
    • Power Interface: 12V 2A Corner Plug
    • Rated Input Power: 15W
    • Recommended Cat Litter: Mixed litter (recommended), bentonite litter, tofu litter


    Elevate your cat’s comfort and your peace of mind with the CleanPaws Pro. Experience a new standard of cleanliness and convenience in cat care.


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